Finally denim Shorts

the first day of sun here, was incredible,... just started whit hot temperature...
what's best than a pair of old shorts?
I am addicted to fit different outfits with a piece or two that makes it bit rock style, as the black boots and riders gloves
the sunglasses are from old h&m collections I've bought years ago for 0,99euro on sale


    DENIM short levi's (cut)
    shirt ZARA
    boots TallyW
    bag CAMPERO

    2 commenti:

    1. that bag is amazing! outfit's great

      check me out at: http://tovogueorbust.blogspot.com/

    2. ps: AAaaw AND the way you wear these "Vavavoooooooooooomo / BOMBnextDoor-esques" short denim shorts Truly tend to make blow such a scorching wind of Sexy Freshness Dear ("beads of sweat") !!!!