long dress in a cloudy#day

cloudy day, but nice as well.

This is the view from the hill in my city called Cappuccini; from here you can see the main part of the town, the Mole Antonelliana

First this nice architecture, has been build as a jews church ...now it's the most important Museum Of Cinema in the world (?!? is that true? well who cares :D )
most important too is the Egyptian museum, at second place after Cairo's one

like every day my boyfriend is very patience whit me, he took all the pictures to me, poor guy °_°

bye bye


smell of meadow

old picture of the past days; I'm going to upload these photos I'm late whit :D
I've just start whit this blog ;)

here we are in a wood near my town...very simple and funny moments whit my sweetheart <3 flowery meadow and smell of rain


it was was a nice day, seemed perfect for these pair of leggins and dress but soon revealed too hot.
In downtown, the city was plenty of people from all around the world, came here for the 'shroud'exposition (jesus sheet OMG); I simply have nothing to say about this speculation of tourism and money for this event,
Anyway has been a great day to try my boyfriend's new SRL that can make HDvideo also! just amazing